Gruff Limited architects + designers

Rhys Cannon BSc DipArch ARB RIBA Director
Emily Burnett BSc MA ARB RIBA Director

Gruff is formed of a dynamic team of architects, designers and creatives. A close-knit practice, with a wide range of experience and skills, our collective understanding of the built environment creates unique and thoughtful proposals.

Coral McGarrigle BA(hons) BArch ARB Associate
Emma Carter BSc MArch ARB Associate
Nick Blomstrand BSc MArch ARB Architect
Charlotte Reynolds BSc MArch Architect
Marcus Stokton BSc MArch Architectural Designer
Luke Scott BSc MArch Architectural Designer

Luke joined Gruff in 2017, having gained his undergraduate and masters degrees from The Bartlett, UCL, and working with small practices between London and Oslo.

Having spent his childhood on a military air base, he grew up among a curious patchwork of hangars, helicopters and houses. A happy youth devoted to painstakingly building model aircraft in his bedroom led him - not to the skies - but to the imaginative realm of the drawing board.

Luke enjoys the process of developing early visualisations for a project, and exploring the gradual translation of these ideas to concrete reality. At Gruff, he is running a number of residential projects, continually intrigued by the many ways people occupy their homes, and engaged in giving shape to them.

Sharing his desk with the 3D-printer, Luke finds himself once more in the familiar territory of intricate plastic model parts and the simple joy in assembling them.

Ella Caldicott BSc Architectural Assistant
Alison Irwin Office Manager

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