Gruff Limited architects + designers

Rhys Cannon BSc DipArch ARB RIBA Director
Emily Burnett BSc MA ARB RIBA Director

Gruff is formed of a dynamic team of architects, designers and creatives. A close-knit practice, with a wide range of experience and skills, our collective understanding of the built environment creates unique and thoughtful proposals.

Coral McGarrigle BA(hons) BArch ARB Associate
Emma Carter BSc MArch ARB Associate
Nick Blomstrand BSc MArch ARB Architect
Charlotte Reynolds BSc MArch Architect
Marcus Stokton BSc MArch Architectural Designer
Luke Scott BSc MArch Architectural Designer
Ella Caldicott BSc Architectural Assistant

Ella completed her RIBA Part 1 at The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL. She joined team in September 2017 as a Part 1 Architectural Assistant.

A personal interest in natural sciences influenced her design projects throughout the three years. Culminating in her final research project, ‘Survival of The Prettiest- Evolutionary Functionalism’, which focused on pleasure gained from functional ornamentation. Early work investigated the colour and symmetry in butterflies; observing how they appear attractive and ornamental but are in fact a method of survival and evolution. This research then directly influenced her final year building project, an aseptic drug preparation facility and IV walk-in Clinic that used ‘functional ornamentation’ to create a more pleasurable experience for workers and patients. The building form and materiality were dictated by the strict environmental requirements of the program and were explored through investigative model making and 1:1 material tests.

Alongside her degree, Ella designed the ‘Pavilion stage’ for Houghton Music and Arts Festival that sought to highlight the natural elements of the wooded site and adjacent lake.

Alison Irwin Office Manager

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