Gruff Limited architects + designers

Rhys Cannon BSc DipArch ARB RIBA Director
Emily Burnett BSc MA ARB RIBA Director

Gruff is formed of a dynamic team of architects, designers and creatives. A close-knit practice, with a wide range of experience and skills, our collective understanding of the built environment creates unique and thoughtful proposals.

Coral Sellars BA(hons) BArch ARB Associate
Emma Carter BSc MArch ARB Architect
Nick Blomstrand BSc MArch Architectural Designer
Charlotte Reynolds BSc MArch Architectural Designer

Charlotte studied at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL where she achieved a Distinction for both Design and Thesis. She was awarded the Faculty Medal 2011 and the Bartlett Medal 2015. Her fascination with geology and natural vs artificial terrain became a focus for her final Urban Granite Quarry project in Kallio, Helsinki which was designed primarily through a combination of hand-crafted and CNC milled models. Charlotte’s research interests interrogate the role of the physical architectural model and its value within the discourse both past and present.

She worked as Research Assistant for Christine Hawley at UCL producing models and drawings for international exhibitions and architectural publications. Charlotte’s previous experience at London-based Matthew Springett Associates and Meadowcroft Griffin Architects includes a range of bespoke residential, schools projects and public arts schemes such as the interactive kinetic installation in New Hampshire,USA.

Outside of Gruff, Charlotte currently runs the architectural design unit, UG6, at the Bartlett. She has also been involved in the design and fabrication of pop-up shops for clients such as S U I T C A S E Magazine.

Charlotte joined the office in 2015 and is currently completed her Part 3.

Marcus Stokton Architectural Designer
Luke Scott BSc MArch Architectural Designer
Ella Caldicott BSc Architectural Assistant
Alison Irwin Office Manager

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